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The eyes of Texas are upon you, all the live-long day.
The eyes of Texas are upon you, you cannot get away.
Do not think you can escape them, at night or early in the morn.
The eyes of Texas are upon you, till Gabriel blows his horn.

Sing me a song of Prexy, of days long since gone by.
Again I seem to greet him and hear his kind reply.
Smiles of gracious welcome before my memory rise,
Again I hear him say to me “Remember Texas‘ Eyes”.

Israel issues travel warning for western Europe

In light of the return of many jihadists from fighting in Syria and Iraq to their home countries, counter-terrorism unit advises Israelis use caution when traveling abroad during High Holy Days.
Israelis and Jews in western Europe could be the target of terror attacks from global jihadists, the National Security Agency’s counter-terrorism unit said Monday, as it issued travel warning for Europe ahead of the High Holy Days.
The threat comes mostly from Islamist groups, including the Islamic State, many of whom are “graduates of (fighting in) Syria and Iraq” and who are now returning to their home countries in Europe, the counter-terrorism unit said.
According to intelligence gathered by the unit, there remains a prominent threat of revenge attacks against Israelis abroad, particularly businessmen and former state officials. The fear is terrorists would either try to kidnap or murder Israelis.
The threat of terror attacks against Israeli and Jewish targets in Europe increased after the May 24 attack on the Jewish Museum in Brussels, in which four people were killed.
At the same time, the threat remains from attack by Iran or Hezbollah against Israeli and Jewish targets across the world, with an emphasis on “soft” targets, including tourists and Jewish symbols such as rabbis, community leaders or Chabad Houses.
A warning against traveling to Sinai is also still in place, in light of the security situation and terror activity in the peninsula, particularly coming from Ansar Bait al-Maqdis.
Israel has also issued a travel warning for Turkey, with the counter terrorism unit advising the public to avoid non-essential trips to the country.
The threat of terror attacks against Israeli tourists and businesses has also grown in Africa, following an escalation in attacks by Somali militant organization al-Shabaab, which operates primarily in Kenya, and Boko Haram in Nigeria. There is also a potential threat in Morocco, and a concrete threat of attacks in southern Thailand.
“The travel warnings are based on solid and credible information that reflects a concrete threat, based on intelligence,” the counter terrorism unit said.
The unit has provided a list of guidelines for Israelis to follow during all trips abroad:

1. Remain perceptive and highly vigilant.
2. Entirely avoid countries to which the travel warnings apply.
3. Reject any tempting and unexpected proposals, whether for business or pleasure.
4. Reject unexpected requests for meetings, mostly in remote places and at night.
5. Do not allow suspicious or unexpected visitors into your hotel room.
6. When spending an extended period abroad, stay away from a routine by changing travel routes, restaurants and hotels.

Muslim Brotherhood Party in USA

The Muslim Brotherhood Launches it’s own Political Party in US, Just In Time for 2016
Ready for more Hope & Change?

With an eye toward the 2016 election, the Muslim Brotherhood has built the framework for a political party in America that seeks to turn Muslims into an Islamist voting bloc.
‘Muslim voters have the potential to be swing voters in 2016,” said Nihad Awad in launching the benign-sounding U.S. Council of Muslim Organizations, whose membership reads like a Who’s Who of Brotherhood front groups.
“We are aiming to bring more participation from the Muslim community.”
USCMO also aims to elect Islamists in Washington, with the ultimate objective of “institutionalizing policies” favorable to Islamists — that is, Shariah law.
This development bears careful monitoring in light of the U.S. Brotherhood’s recently exposed goal to wage a “civilization jihad” against America that explicitly calls for infiltrating the U.S. political system and “destroying (it) from within.” The subversive plan was spelled out in hundreds of pages of founding archives that the FBI confiscated from a Brotherhood leader’s home in the Washington suburbs after 9/11.
Translated from Arabic, the secret documents listed a number of Brotherhood front organizations — some of which just happen to make up the newly formed USCMO. Front and center is the Washington-based Council on American-Islamic Relations, the catalyst behind this Trojan horse jihadist political party. CAIR is linked in federal criminal court documents to the terrorist group Hamas, the Brotherhood’s Palestinian branch. CAIR’s chief Awad, who announced the USCMO at the National Press Club, is so radioactive, the FBI refuses to do outreach with him and his so-called Muslim-rights group until it can “resolve whether there continues to be a connection between its executives and Hamas.”
Equally troubling is the Muslim American Society, another founding member of the USCMO. MAS was formed as “the overt arm of the Muslim Brotherhood in the United States,” a 2007 Justice Department court filing states. A 2011 MAS press release praised Osama bin Laden as “a visionary who believed in an Islamic state in Afghanistan.”
The list of bad actors doesn’t end there. The chairman of America’s new Islamist party is none other than Oussama Jammal, who once headed the notorious Bridgeview Mosque in Chicago. One of that mosque’s leaders was arrested and jailed for funneling millions to Hamas. And one of its most honored guests was bin Laden’s spiritual mentor, the late Palestinian cleric Abdullah Azzam. Some of Azzam’s relatives are Bridgeview members.
“The walls were covered with Hamas posters and recruiting literature showing masked gunmen brandishing automatic weapons. … You could see daggers plunged into Jewish hearts wrapped up in American flags,” said Steve Emerson, describing the mosque in his book “American Jihad.” “They even had a library filled with terrorist videos.”

I’m thinking of writing an opera called “Why Michael Brown Deserved to Die.”

What do you think? Do you think if I write a thought-provoking, probingly-artistic contemporary opera on the subject of Michael Brown’s untimely shooting, it will be met with critical acclaim?
Maybe it will be performed by the New York Metropolitan Opera during its 2015 season, and will be described as “dialogue” on a difficult subject. Read more of this post

Die Zentrale der Extremisten

In Österreich geht eine sogenannte Islamische Glaubensgemeinschaft um, die unter ihrem Dach den Großteil der extremistischen und terrornahen Gruppen und Grüppchen vereinigt. Bemerkenswert, aber wenig beachtet: Die Islamische Glaubensgemeinschaft ist weder als Religionsgesellschaft anerkannt noch als Verein registriert. Read more of this post

Is Starbucks anti-semitic?

The global coffee company STARBUCKS released a statement this week to clarify apparent misconceptions about the company’s patronage of Israel, Huffington Post reports.
In a fact sheet updated August 5, Starbucks notes it does not support any political or religious causes, adding that neither Starbucks nor its CEO, Howard Schultz, provides any financial support to the Israeli government or Israeli military. Read more of this post

Obama praises Ho Chi Minh

Vietnamese Dictator Responsible for Torture of American POWs

On 25 July, Barack Obama met with the current dictator running Vietnam. During a statement, though, Barack Obama issued praise for Ho Chi Minh, who lead the North Vietnamese against the United States and was responsible for the torturing of American POWs, including the late George Day and Senator John McCain (R-AZ).
“President Sang shared with me a copy of a letter sent by Ho Chi Minh to Harry Truman. And we discussed the fact that Ho Chi Minh was actually inspired by the U.S. Declaration of Independence and Constitution, and the words of Thomas Jefferson. Ho Chi Minh talks about his interest in cooperation with the United States,” Obama said during a joint press conference.
According to a report by Breitbart News, another former POW who served in the Senate, Jeremiah Denton, was told by Vietnamese prison guards that the torture he suffered had been at the orders of Ho Chi Minh. After HO Chi Minh’s death in 1969, the amount of torture greatly decreased.

(Harold Hutchison)

Federal judge rules D.C. handgun ban unconstitutional

WASHINGTON — A federal judge struck down the District of Columbia’s ban on carrying guns outside of a person’s home, concluding it violates Second Amendment rights.
The ruling from U.S. District Judge is the latest in a protracted fight over gun laws in the District; In 2008, the U.S. Supreme Court issued a landmark decision striking down the city’s 32-year-old ban on handguns. Since then, the city has rewritten its laws, lawsuits have been filed and even Congress has waded into the fight. Read more of this post

Al-Baghdadi, the caliph, and Pakistan

Who will bell the cat?

The ISIS, which broke all records of brutality set by previous militant organisations, has decided to call the areas under its control the “Islamic State”. It has also anointed its leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi as caliph for the entire Muslim world. Once the Islamic State has stabilised itself in the swathes of the Syrian and Iraqi territory, it will seek the allegiance of all Muslim states, organisations and leaders for the new caliph. In the primitive days the custom was to send a messenger carrying the Holy Koran in one hand and a sword in the other and the ruler was asked to choose one of the two. In the modern world the same message can be sent even more effectively. The ISIS has been aptly described as a social media powerhouse. Read more of this post

Up to 120 US troops training Somali forces

WASHINGTON — New details are emerging about the U.S. military mission in Somalia, where it was revealed that up to 120 U.S. special operators are training and advising local Somali forces in their fight against the Islamist insurgent group al-Shabab.
Defense officials speaking on the condition of anonymity confirmed that teams of advisers have been deploying to the country since 2007 for noncombat missions, and that the numbers have gradually grown over the years. Read more of this post

With ISIL surging in Iraq, Europe fears rise in “jihadi-tourists”

BERLIN — After being injured fighting the Syrian government, 31-year-old Mohannad reached his home in Frankfurt, Germany, with a simple plan: rest, recuperate, then rejoin the fight with the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. Read more of this post

Malaysia bolsters ISIL (ISIS) with praise and child suicide bombers

WASHINGTON — Following months of anti-Shia vitriol in Malaysia, news sources have confirmed that dozens of Malaysians, including young children, have been recruited by ISIS as suicide bombers. According to Malaysian newspaper The Star, “Ahmad Tarmimi has the dubious honour of being Malaysia’s first suicide bomber linked to the Islamic State of Iraq and Sham.” Tarmimi conducted a suicide attack last month that resulted in the deaths of more than two dozen Iraqi military members. Read more of this post

The fierce ambition of ISIL’s Baghdadi

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has risen from anonymity to become the feared leader of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.

As its feared and fearsome leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi personifies the brutality, determination and ambition of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.
Not since Osama bin Laden has a leader been held in such reverence among Sunni fighters, scored such stunning and shocking victories, and threatened so much of the established order. Read more of this post

Universität Wien unterstützt Terror-Vereine

Die Finanzierung von Bildung ist in Österreich ein heißes Eisen. Die Abschaffung des Wissenschaftsressorts, das Verschwinden der Universitäts-Milliarde und Gratisstudien für zahllose Scheinstudenten lassen keinen Zweifel an der Wertigkeit der Bildung. Die vorhandenen Mittel werden aber nicht nur für die Lehre genutzt, sondern auch für ideologische Betreuung bis in Randgebiete. Nicht alle dieser öffentlichen Gelder fließen über die Hochschülerinnenschaft in die Finanzierung von Demonstrationen. Andere Projekte sind weit fragwürdiger. Read more of this post

Arab world: Has the penny finally dropped?

Is the UK’s decision to order a review of the Muslim Brotherhood a sign the West is beginning to see the organization’s true motives?

Since the start of the ill-named “Arab Spring,” the Muslim Brotherhood has been very much in the news.
Coming to power through democratic elections in Egypt and Tunisia, they were toppled within a short time by the people, who discovered their true intentions. Read more of this post

World’s first Anti Shia Alliance convention results in calls for violence and sectarian purging

WASHINGTON — Last week, the world’s first ever “Anti Shia Alliance” convention was held in Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia. The event was attended by thousands of participants, who called for “jihad” against Shia Muslims. Several government officials were in attendance. During the conference, a Shiite journalist who was covering the program for Ahlulbait Indonesia, reported being detained, interrogated, and beaten by group organizers and attendees.
The alliance is a coalition of various groups who all maintain an anti-Shia agenda, including the Anti-Heresy Front, led by Ahmad bin Zein al-Kaff. Read more of this post